Meet Archie's Family

Four years ago we decided to move to the Norfolk countryside having lived in London all our lives, we were tired of city living and wanted to escape and experience life in the country and to enjoy the peace, clear night skies free from light pollution and the lovely rural community. We had always loved animals and were used to sharing our lives with furry creatures, as our new home had some pasture land we thought it would be a nice idea to have a few chickens and possibly an orchard, this idea changed very quickly.


We did get a few chickens (all named after our great aunts- Grace, Alice, Dolly and Betty) and began to enjoy fresh eggs. The orchard was in the planning stage and that's as far as it got. We visited some alpaca that lived locally and after one encounter with these curious and wonderful creatures, we were hooked.


We soon discovered that Archie, Pippa (his mother) and Lola (Archie’s friend an ex-zoo animal) were in need of a new home and we decided after much debate, well very little actually, that we could not resist the opportunity to give them all a forever home - who needs an orchard anyway!


Our three lovely alpaca (Archie was a small cria at the time and only 4 months old) came to live with us in October 2013. We quickly fell in love with Archie and the herd and decided to learn everything we could about alpaca so that we could care for them properly, we did a great deal of research and attended training courses. We soon realised that alpaca thrive best in larger herds - and so it started and Trelawn Alpacas began!













We contacted a local alpaca farm with an excellent reputation and very soon our herd grew to 6, Elle, Clover and tiny Floella, who was only three weeks old joined us in September 2014 and were immediately a part of Archie’s family. Archie grew very fond of Elle and she is now his girlfriend, often hanging out together even when they are on patrol at night, looking out for the herd.


We continued to be trained by the Alpaca farm owners, now our dear friends and learned how to condition check our animals, clip their toenails (there is something we thought we would never say), give them their injections and how to keep them in wonderful condition so they can live happy and healthy lives. We also found a great local vet who could work with alpaca.


We had come a long way in a very short period since leaving London and our lives couldn’t be more different. After a while, as Archie grew we noticed that he was becoming distant from the herd and we realised that he needed some male company. Along came little Finn who very quickly became Archie’s main man and they remain the best of friends, they can often be found hanging out together away from the girls, enjoying a good chest bump and sitting together in their very own alpaca man cave / shelter, chewing on the their hay and having a good alpaca man chat. When Clover arrived she was already pregnant. in September 2014 she gave birth to our lovely Talula, we both witnessed the birth accompanied by Archie and the family, there could not have been more excitement at the arrival of this lovely cria, from us and the alpacas - they get extremely excited and curious at a newborn alpaca, it is a sight that has to be seen.

















Finally in April 2015 Ginger joined us as a playmate for Talula. Talula at the time was getting very boisterous with the other alpaca and we felt that if she had someone her own age to play with this would give the rest of the herd a bit of respite - we think we actually heard a sigh of relief and a thank you from them on Gingers arrival. We also have Cayuga ducks, chickens and geese that Archie and Finn enjoy chasing (but would never hurt or even catch).  


We are very fortunate to have many visitors to our home including our family and friends, all of who cannot wait to hang out with our alpaca. We see it as a privilege and an honour to share our lives and have such an amazing relationship with Archie and his lovely family, we have learnt a great deal from them and never cease to be amazed at their antics and at the way they show affection and trust in us completely. 


We are very blessed!


Julia & Glenn x



Finn is Archie's main man, the only other male in the herd. He spends a lot of his time hanging out with Archie, or chest bumping. He is a little shy with humans but is still affectionate . he is wary of Pippa particularly when she's in a bad mood. He loves to hang out with Ginger and Floella.


Ginger is a loving and affectionate little alpaca and is one month older than Talula. She is Talulas best friend, she joined the herd as a playmate for young Talula who needed a friend of her own age. Ginger and Talula are partners in crime often chasing the ducks and barging the adult alpaca when they are grazing peacefully.


Talula is Clovers second cria and our only alpaca birth so far. She is very cute and naughty, she

likes to barge her big sister Floella from behind when she least expects it and is very playful. She is loving and chews our jackets if she thinks she isn't getting 

enough attention. She has wonderful fleece but loves to get filthy rolling in the dirt. She loves to pose for photos and is the most mischevious alpaca.






Our showgirl and Archie's girlfriend. Elle has won a rosette at her one and only show for her lovely fleece. She is a loving and proud lady who likes to be sung to. She is great friends with Floella but spends most of her time with Archie. Elle is a little shy and hangs back at apple time.


Floella and Talula's Mum. Clover is a petite, elegant and pretty alpaca. She is a very protective but practical mother. She spends a lot of time with her daughters and adopted daughter Ginger. Although she seems delicate she does enjoy a good chest bump with the boys.


Floella came to live with us with Mum Clover when she was only three weeks old. She was a beautiful cria (baby) and looked like a little lamb. She has a very outgoing personality and loves to be stroked and cuddled. She loves her food and is always the first one to appear for breakfast


Archie's Mum and head of the herd. Pippa can be a little grumpy at times, only when she has to assert herself, mostly she is very affectionate. She loves Archie and is very fond of Talula, who can do no wrong. She is tall, proud and  beautiful and very much in charge. 


Archie's oldest friend. Little Lola was with Archie when he was born. She originally came from a zoo environment, where she didn't have much space and is small for her age. At first, Lola could not even look us in the eye - she is now an

integral part of the herd and very loving.