My word who is a great looking fellow even in your close-ups you're a superstar Archie

Mike - Kent, UK




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You are sooo cute and adorable - I love reading your post and looking at your pictures-- they always make me smile and brighten my day -- love you

Jackie - West Virginia, USA


Hi you beautiful boy you really are so gorgeous you brighten up my day xxx

Susan - Essex, UK


Oh are sooo handsome xxx

Jan - Manchester, UK

Archie is a very special alpaca and we knew this from the first moment that we saw him when he was only 4 months old. All baby alpacas (cria) are extremely cute and adorable, but there was something even more special about Archie. 












Archie, his Mum Pippa and friend Lola came to Trelawn Alpacas when they were in need of a new home and we could not resist the opportunity to re-home these wonderful creatures. At the time Archie didn't have a name, but this was not a hard decision to make, Archie was the first name that came to us and it just suited him perfectly.


Archie is cheeky, playful and sometimes very naughty and always has been. When he was a cria he was often told off by Pippa his Mum who he liked to barge from behind when she least expected it, this would make her very annoyed, although Pippa could never be really cross with him. Archie is a mother’s boy who enjoys hanging out with Pippa but who also enjoys playing with all

of the other alpaca. When he was small he would run up and down the paddock with Floella chasing the chickens but would never catch them. He particularly likes Elle and Finn and spends a lot of time with them.

We have interacted with him since he came to live with us, because of this he is very happy in human company and likes to be cuddled, stroked and he loves to kiss us. He is very affectionate for an alpaca as alpacas have a reputation of being a little aloof, that's certainly not the case with Archie. He loves to receive visitors particularly if they come with an apple or carrot treat...Archie does love his apples! 


Archie has grown into a large, handsome, brown and white alpaca who lives happily in the Norfolk countryside with his human family (Julia, Glenn, Nan and Grandpa) and his lovely alpaca family.


We realised from the beginning that people are very drawn to Archie, describing him as adorable and gorgeous, he has a strong personality for an alpaca (everyone is different) and enjoys interacting with humans, he loves to meet new people and has a natural curiosity about his environment. He is also very protective of his alpaca family and will be on guard when he thinks there is a predator in the vicinity (Alpaca are naturally wary of cats and dogs as wild cats and dogs are predators in South America).


Everyone loves Archies and Archie is happy to return that love.


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You are absolutely the most ridiculously HANDSOME Alpaca ever!!!! 

Catherine - Louisiana, USA